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Alcohol : 6,5 %

EBC (color) : 6,5

IBU (bitterness) : 18

Exceptional beers 

Culminantes have two qualities that set them apart from other beers in general. The first is that they contain no additives: the beer is 100% natural! The second is that they result from a double fermentation which gives them this particular character. The first fermentation takes place in vats while the second at the time of bottling, in a warm room. The slight deposit at the bottom of the bottle is proof of this.


Alcohol : 7,5 %

EBC (color) : 17,5

IBU (bitterness) : 30

La 694


First beer brewed in "Les Mûriers", This amber beer called “694” is scented with fragrances of caramel, and it has a long finish with a slight bitterness and a hoppy taste.

The “694” is the ideal aperitif. Serve it along with some firm tasting hard cheese such as the “Valèt”-cheese produced here in Waimes. This amber beer also perfectly complements your stews and simmered dishes.

Its name refers to the highest point in Belgium: the Signal de Botrange (694 m) located in our town (Waimes), not far from the brewery.

La Dorée


The “Dorée”, (golden, in English) is a blond beer with a long finish. It has a malty character and a persistent cereal taste.

To fully appreciate the “Dorée”, serve it fresh and let it sit for a while before you drink it. This enables the aromas to develop properly.


Alcohol : 7 %

EBC (color) : 8

IBU (bitterness) : 28


La Blanche


“Blanche“, (white, in English) is a cloudy beer among our Culminantes beer series which features citrus and spicy aromas. Even though the first sip might seem average, this beer turns out to be surprisingly strong as the tasting progresses.

Instead of drinking it from the bottle you should enjoy the “Blanche” in its own glass which brings out all its aromas !

La 31

This low-sugar porter beer packs aromas of dark chocolate, coffee, and caramel.

Its taste will remind you of the traditional “Scotch Ale”: liquorish and easily digestible.

Try the “31” with dessert! Its bouquet of dark chocolate and coffee aromas will perfectly pair with chocolate cake for example.


Alcohol : 8 %

EBC (color) : 69

IBU (bitterness) : 35


Alcohol : 4,8 %

EBC (color) : 6

IBU (bitterness) : 15

La Barbière

“Barbière” is a light white beer subtly flavoured with rhubarb.

No sugar or overpowering aromas – just the acidity of the rhubarb, which highlights the freshness of this smooth beer.


To get the most thirst-quenching beer experience, serve the “Barbière” in a frosted glass! Feel free to pour the sediment from the bottom of your bottle into your glass as this will allow you to experience the fullness of the aromas.

La Saison IPA

To honor our motto "the taste of originality", we have created a hybrid recipe: a light "Saison" type blonde, traditionally brewed in winter to be enjoyed in summer bittered by a hop with citrus scents, Citra , which is reminiscent of IPA beers. Reserve our Saison IPA for an aperitif at a barbecue for example, preferably in the sun ! 😎  


Alcohol : 4,8 %

EBC (color) : 9

IBU (bitterness) : 35

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